Janus 317 Wiki

Getting started:[]

In Janus AFK is entirely allowed, you can log on and stay logged on for long periods of time without punishment. There is a specific zone made for players to afk at.

  • To get to the zone type in "::Afk" in the chat and it will teleport you into the zone. Alternatively you can also walk there from home by walking south-east of home beyond the massive lava pit and blazing fire.
  • At this zone you will receive AFK tokens which you can spend at the store located at the top of AFK zone, left of entrance - an NPC called "Token Dealer".
  • Once you achieve level 99 in a skill, you can earn XP whilst you train it in the AFK Zone.
  • There are many rewards up for grabs! This includes;
    • Skilling boosts (Brawling Gloves, Golden Tinderbox, Lumberjack Outfit pieces)
    • Exclusive title 'Afker'
    • Exclusive Hell Cat pet (Known as the Lazy AFK Cat)
    • Bone Crusher
    • Imp Catcher