Janus 317 Wiki


The new Boss Minigame added into Janus is a game which allows players to exercise their skills in PVMing, whilst also having fun and making serious money. It can be accessed by entering the command ::boss.

The minigame provides players a F2P method of acquiring donator items with a plethora of rares normally found in the donator shop(s) being available, as well as barrows and wilderness gear such as Vestas.

(Note: You will have to bank everything in your inventory to access this minigame, you are also not allowed to bank inside the minigame!)

The minigame consists of 5 waves. Each time a new wave starts, a random NPC is spawned.

The player will have their skills, equipment, inventory, prayer & spell books changed. (There are no requirements to play this minigame).

Prize Chance System:[]

Each time a player completes a wave, they are given the option to loot the reward chest. Players can open it immediately, resetting their progress in the game. They can also choose to sacrifice their loot and move onto the next wave, with an increased chance to win rare and medium tiered items.

Wave Low Item Medium Item Rare Item
1 70% 29% 1%
2 64% 33% 2%
3 53% 39% 3%
4 41% 47% 4%
5 26% 57% 5%

Donator Chance Modifiers:[]

Rank Low Item Medium Item Rare Item
Donor -2% +1% +1%
Super -3% +2% +2%
Extreme -4% +3% +3%
Legendary -5% +4% +4%
Uber -6% +5% +5%

Chest Rewards:[]

You have a different % chance of winning depending on rank - listed above

*Note: Upon winning, you have an equal chance of receiving any item on the drop table of that tier.

  • Potions, Essence, Ammunition etc.
  • Barrows Items, Mid-Level armor and weapons.
  • Top Tier items such as Third-Aged, Scythe of Vitur, Nightmare staff etc.