The new Boss Minigame added into Janus is an area that is supposed to allow players to exercise their skills in PVMing whilst also having fun and making money. It can be accessed by entering the command ::boss.

Players of any level can complete the minigame, but will need a large amount of cash from other sources in Janus in order to open up the chests.

The minigame provides players a F2P method of aquiring donator items with a plethora of items being available from the donator shop as well as other items that can be found from doing other various minigames and activities like barrows and wilderness gear such as Vestas.

(Note: You will have to bank everything in your inventory to access this minigame, you are also not allowed to bank inside the minigame!)

Donator Benefits:

Rank Benefits
Regular Player 40% Chance of Winning
Normal Donator 50% Chance of Winning
Super Donator 60% Chance of winning
Extreme Donator 70% Chance of winning
Legendary Donator 80% Chance of winning
Uber Donator 91% Chance of winning

Chest Rewards:

You have a different % chance of winning depending on rank - listed above

*Note: Upon winning, you have an equal chance of receiving any item on the drop table.

  • Barrows Pieces (Dharoks, Ahrims, Karils, Veracs, Torags, Guthans), ~250-500M/set
  • No Win Scenario - (1 - 5m)
  • Wilderness PVP Pieces(ETC Vesta), ~1-2B/set
  • No Win Scenario - (5 - 10m)
  • Cosmetic items from Donator Store, ~1-10B+
  • No Win Scenario - (10 - 15m)
THREE Note: It is generally recommended to only open the tier 3 & 4 chests, and skip Tier 0-2.
  • Everything from previous chests
  • Justiciar Armour Pieces, ~20B+/piece
  • Sanguinesti Staff, ~25-30B+
  • Ghrazi Rapier, ~5-10B+
  • Avernic Defender, ~5-10B+
  • No Win Scenario - (20 - 30m)
  • Everything from previous chests
  • Primal Armour Pieces, ~20-30B+/piece
  • Scythe of Vitur, ~60B
  • Twisted Bow, ~40-50B
  • Nightmare Staff, ~60-80B+
  • No Win Scenario - (35 - 100m)

The Different Waves:

  • The minigame has 5 different tiers and each one provides you with a different setup, inventory, and stats.

Janus Bossing Minigame
Tier Equipment Setup Inv.png Inventory Equip.png Player Levels Skills.png General Information Options.png
  • Turn on piety or turmoil alongside a magic or melee protection prayer and attack KBD.
  • Turn on piety alongside a mage or melee protection prayer in order to reduce damage, this take a while longer than tier 1 to complete but should be as simple to do as tier 1.
  • To complete this tier is going to take quite a bit of patience and will require more skills than the other two.
  • Due to fairly mid level defensive stats and worse equipment you are going to have to turn on protect from MELEE throughout the fight, but when you notice the KBD spring up you will have to switch to MAGE protection to mitigate damage.
  • With a fair few high level food available you can make a couple of mistakes with flicking but still be able to complete it.
  • Equip the rune arrows as there will be no ammunition in equipment initially.
  • To do this tier it is a bit challenging due to the low level hitpoints as well as prayer and range making it difficult to deal damage but also to take damage.
  • You can shoot with your bow whilst praying protect from MAGE. You can flick prayer if you want to reduce the usage, but it is not too necessary as the prayer points should last you the fight.
  • You will first need to select the fire blast spell from the normal combat spellbook.
  • Attack the KBD with the spell whilst pray flicking protect from mage.
  • You are extremely squishy and do not hit hard, so this will require a bit of concentration and luck to complete.

Tier 3 In-Depth Guide:

  • Pray "Eagle Eye" and "Protect from Magic". Then use your special attack straight away on the KBD (Note: this is very important to increase the chances of survival and winning this tier as damage RNG can be unforgiving).
Tier 4 guide pic.png

  • You can prayer flick to ensure that you don't use up your prayer points too quickly. You have to use up your special attack as you hit 60% special attack bar to make sure you do not waste your damage potential.
Tier 4 guide 2 pic.png

Tier 4 In-Depth Guide:

  • Pray "Magic Might" and "Protect from Magic".
  • When you drop below 30 hp, eat two pike as you begin to cast your spell.
  • You may need to pray flick if your prayer points get low. In this case, prioritize Protect from Magic.
Tier 5 guide.png

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