Janus 317 Wiki

Hint Given How to get there Where to dig
Dig somewhere in the Edgeville bank ::edge

Agility skill teleport

Java jCvZ9nruUY.png
Dig near the king of dragons Boss teleport "King Black Dragon"
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Dig in an area you might see fishermen In the skills tab, click on the fishing skill.
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Dig somewhere near the duel arena teleport


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Dig near one of the slayer masters click on the slayer skill. Make sure Vannaka is your slayer master. Click "Teleport to Slayer Master"
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Dig where players plant flowers


Java awvtPxCrfS.png

Dig near the mining guild teleport

In the skills tab, click the

mining skill and choose

'Teleport: Mining area'

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Dig near the teleport to get Chaotics

In the skills tab, click the

dungeoneering skill.

Java 62IcFsKLGh.png

Dig near the fourth minigame teleport

Teleport to Pest Control

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