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Janus has a powerful system built in to allow people to recycle gear that they don't require, this was built specifically to help players who do not receive a specific high level gear piece they need but an extra of a piece they already have to be able to smith it to a piece they need.

How to get started:[]

  • Teleport to the smithing zone from the skilling tab teleports or walk towards it from home as it is located on the opposite side of spawn.
Smithing tele

Click this to teleport to smithing zone!

  • When you reach the smithing zone you'll see several bank booths where you can pick up all the gears that you want to recycle, then you'll need to head off to the east end of home where you will see a Metal Melter(the flashing hole in the ground next to the eastern bank booth). At this metal foundry you can right click and use any gear on it that you don't need to get a bar version of it. (Note the number of bars you get is in bright red and it requires 50+ smithing)
  • Metal Melter
    After you receive the bars you can head over to the smithing tutor and right click and take hammer from him or have a hammer already from elsewhere(Donators do not need hammers). Then head off to the left to the golden anvil click on it with your bars and you'll see the interface which allows you to smelt other gears using that bar.

Custom smithing types:[]

  • Barrows gears also smelt down.(Note each piece smelts for 4 and requires 5 bars to smith)
Smithing interface

Custom smithing interface.

  • Bandos and Armadyl gears also smelt down, available from .(Note each piece smelts for 4 and requires 5 bars to smith)
  • Melee third age gear can be turned into bars to be converted into other melee 3rd age pieces.(Note each piece smelts for 4 and requires 5 bars to smith)
    Other types of custom smithing

    Other types of custom smithing available currently in Janus

  • Torva also smelts down so you can make other torva gears with it.(Note each piece smelts for 4 and requires 5 bars to smith)
  • You can also melt down normal equipment(bronze - dragon gears) too for exp and bars.(Note each platebody of metals melt down for 4, platelegs melt for 2 bars, kiteshield for 2 bars, etc)
Dragon bars

Dragon bars screen