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Dungeoneering in Janus is completely different from the dungeoneering seen in RS3. In Janus, dungeoneering was made as simple as possible to entertain people who might be hoping for an easier and more relaxing dungeoneering experience. It is as simple as moving forward as it only has a singular pathway. It features 1 floor currently and has a multitude of complexity which can make the dungeoneering more difficult but also reward you with more points. The points you receive at the end are based on total damage done inside the dungeon

How to get started:

  • To start dungeoneering, like other skills press the dungeoneering skill in the skills tab as such

How to get to dungeoneering

  • Next click form party in order to be able to access dungeoneering like so:

How to form a party in dungeoneering

  • You can either add or remove people from the party using "Invite player" where you can input the name of the player you are adding. "Leave party" is as it says to leave the party. "Floor" as of currently cannot be changed past 1 and "Complexity" can be changed from 1-4 which makes each progressive dungeon harder to complete but gives more points.

Other stuff inside dungeoneering tab

  • After finishing off making a part you can head over to the "Thok" and start dungeoneering.
Dungeoneering start 1c.png
  • When in the dungeon, you will receive stronger weapons than the one you can buy from the "Smuggler" make sure to pick it up and bind it as such:

Binding weapons

Dungeoneering Guide

  • First when you enter dungeoneering, you'll be met with the below scene. Head on over to the "Smuggler" to get all your supplies when you don't have any dungeoneering weapons above level 30 binded yet. (Note: currently explaining Floor 1, Complexity 1 as it is the easiest and fastest to get points on)


  • The items that you'll be buying from the shops are firstly the adamant scimitar as it will provide you with the best DPS whilst in dungeoneering at the beginning of your journey. At the start you will also need buy food and supplies if you are low combat (Around 80-99), so buy about 3-4 "bouldabass" from the store as they provide the best healing for the cost - remember you will also need to buy a hatchet to either cut down a tree or have enough money to buy the log in store, this is in addition to being able to buy the tinderbox. Alongside the food buy a prayer potion too if you are low prayer. (Note - high level players with high combat and high prayer do not need to buy food or prayer pot in this lower level dungeon - they should buy the super strength and super attack instead to speed up dungeoneering highlighted in green box)

Smuggler store

  • Then you can head off to the first room and kill the "wizard"(highlighted in green) first as it can drain your strength using spells, then move on to the "archer"(highlighted in blue) as it has lower health than the "ghost"(highlighted in red)and so you can reduce the damage taken. You should kill them all in order to have a chance at receiving higher level dungeoneering gear and also to add dungeoneering points. (Note - save your prayers, do not use it, you will need it for the boss).

First room in dungeoneering

  • In the second room, you will be met with two "skeletons"(highlighted in green) and a "zombie pirate"(highlighted in red) - you can kill them in any order but preferably kill off the skeletons as they are the easiest to kill and reduce damage taken. Kill all of them for a chance at better weapons to be able to bind for more efficient dungeoneering.

Second room in dungeoneering

  • In the third room you will see a "dark wizard"(highlighted in green) who you will have to kill first as it can reduce strength with its spells, then you can kill the "dust devil"(highlighted in red) present.

Third floor in dungeoneering

  • Finally you will enter the boss room for the easiest dungeon(Floor 1, complexity 1) - here turn on "protect from melee" or else "Slash Bash"(the boss, highlighted in red) will easily kill you. You will also see "archers"(highlighted in green) parallel to each other in the room at the top and at the bottom - you will have to kill them first to reduce damage taken. After you kill the boss and all the other entities in the dungeoneering you can head on to the ladders(highlighted in blue) at the opposite side of the entrance and leave the dungeon and receive your points.

Final floor in dungeoneering