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  • The starter gear for melee that you can easily buy from the stores at home, they are the lowest tier covered and provide a decent boost in melee stats. You can use them to start training combat to max or to boss to get better gear. Cheap, easy to access and reliable. Total cost: <25m & Requirements: 70 attack, 60 defence.
Best starter melee

Low-tier melee gear


  • This is after you get your hands on a little more cash, this gear is more expensive than the lowest-tier gear and is not as readily available, it provides an improvement to the rune gear with a fighter torso and dragon platelegs from either buying them from other players or getting them as a drop. Instead of the shield given you can choose to go for a spirit shield from the melee store which is double the price. You can also make or buy yourself a ring of wealth for cheap to boost drop rate. Total cost: <40m, 50000 dungeoneering points & Requirements: A 99 in a skill, 80 attack, 60 defence.
Lower tier melee

Lower tier gear for when you wanna upgrade slightly


  • This gear is a general upgrade to the gear seen previously, it possesses the barrow's brother's set which would provide a massive defensive bonus to the gear seen before, you'll also need to fight Jad in the fight caves in order to get your hands on the fire cape which is better than a skill cape. This set provides a fairly hefty defence boost as well as providing you with better prayer. You can also make or buy yourself a ring of wealth for cheap to boost drop rate. Total cost: <70m, 50000 dungeoneering points & Requirements: A 99 in a skill, 80 attack, 70 defence.
Low-tier Melee

Low-tier Melee gear


  • This gear will require far more bossing from the player, requiring killing Graador for the bandos set or from buying it from someone. This is alongside the minor upgrade from the chaotic rapier into the drygore rapier which is a higher tier weapon. You can also replace shield with dragon defender. It will overall increase kills as well as providing better defence from attacking NPC so will help with prolonging trips. Total cost: ~2-3B & Requirements: 90 attack, 70 defence.
LowMid-Tier Melee

Low/Mid Tier Melee set in Janus


  • This is set will cost a lot more than the previous set and will provide far more offensive bonuses, it will thus provide an overall huge boost in the DPS that you deal and will feel like you can kill Mid tier bosses fairly stable with this gear. It includes a blood necklace which also provides a passive healing effect rarely when you do damage and alongside the divine spirit shield it will really help with longer trips. The Berserker ring will require you to farm prestige points, farm slayer points, donate or vote to get. Primal rapier is one of the more expensive dungeoneering items which will take you some time. Total cost: ~7-9b, 250000 dungeoneering points & Requirements: 99 attack, 75 defence, 75 prayer.
Mid tier melee

Mid tier melee in Janus


  • Now we move on to the truly expensive side of Janus gears with this set featuring the rare 3rd age gear that you can donate or buy from other players. Whilst not providing the staple strength that the bandos gear provides it does provide far better defence. This set also features the primordial boots which provide better strength bonus than normal dragon boots and are far more expensive this is alongside the Berserker ring and Blood necklace. Total cost: ~15-20b, 250000 dungeoneering points & Requirements: 99 attack, 75 defence, 75 prayer.
HighMid-tier melee

High/Mid-tier melee gear in Janus


  • Even more difficult to obtain is this gear which does not feature defensive 3rd age gear but switches back to the cheaper bandos gear. However it does not feature a primal rapier and a divine spirit shield but rather a scythe of vitur which is the best melee weapon available currently. It will provide you with a massive strength bonus in comparison to the primal rapier which will speed up kill so you won't have to worry about defence deficits. It also features the Max cape which will require player to do a lot of skilling in order to get the stacked bonuses of the cape this is alongside the Primordial boots, Berserker ring and Blood necklace. Total cost: ~12-15b & Requirements: Max 99 levels all around.
High Tier Melee

High Tier Melee in Janus


  • This set rocks the Justiciar armor as the core of its defences and will provide a massive boost in defences that the previous set lacked and will comfortably be able to help you prolong the trips you do for bosses - the low defence aspect of the previous set has almost been entirely negated. It also features the scythe for max offensive output on the melee class and has the Max cape, Blood necklace, Berserker ring, Primordial boots. Total cost: ~25-30b & Requirements: Max 99 levels all around.
Higher tier melee

Justiciar armor in Janus, Higher tier


  • Currently the highest melee gear available in Janus, featuring the rare and exclusive Torva set which can be farmed by doing one of the most difficult bosses ingame known as Nex. Torva alongside the strength boosting gear such as Blood necklace, Primordial boots, Berserker ring, veteran cape(obtained for 100 prestige points from Max's store) as well as the barrows gloves will put you at the highest level of DPS for all your bossing, slaying and general flexing needs. Total cost: ~25-30b & Requirements: 100 prestige points, 99 in all Skills.
Highest tier Melee

Highest tier Melee gear in Janus - Torva