Janus presents players with a plethora of game-modes which range in difficulty, they aim to provide players with the right, comfortable experience whilst trying to level up skills in the game.

"Easy" being the least difficult and the easiest to max allowing you to try new features whilst not providing with any drop rate bonus as a drawback in order to balance out the game-mode(Note - it is possible to max on "Easy" game-mode very quickly - in around 24 hours of in-game playtime).

On the other-hand the hardest difficulty "Zezima" will provide players with a massive challenge severely cutting down the players experience rates whilst also aptly providing players with an advantageous boost to their drop rate such as to reward all the players who train their skills on this difficulty.

Table of boosts available for custom gamemodes:

Gamemode XP Rate DR Boost Double XP Weekends? Bonus XP Allowed? Donator XP Buff Applies?

300.00% 0.00% YES YES YES

100.00% 2.00% YES YES YES

50.00% 5.00% YES NO NO

25.00% 10.00% YES NO NO

10.00% 20.00% YES NO NO
Ironman Determined by Difficulty 5% on top of the difficulty boost YES NO YES
UIM Ironman Determined by Difficulty 10% on top of the difficulty boost YES NO YES

How to change difficulty:

  • Teleport home via the home teleport or ::home. On the south-west of home with default north axis on compass there should be a flashing orb spinning around called "difficulty selector".
  • Click on it. If you are going from a harder difficulty at the start e.g "Zezima" to a lower difficulty, you can then click on the easier difficulty button to change. However if you are going from a easier difficult at the start e.g "Easy" to a higher difficulty of "Zezima" then press RESET button(In green box, Note: this resets all your stats it is recommended to prestige 99 level stats if you are 100% certains you want to go into a higher difficulty) and then press the difficulty you want to switch to.

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