Janus 317 Wiki

Optional Tutorial:[]

  • When you log in to Janus for the first time, you'll be given the option of completing a tutorial. The Town Crier will give you a guided tour of the server and highlight key areas that will be fundamental to your gameplay experience.

Account Setup:[]

  • Following the completion or dismissal of the tutorial, you'll be shown the game mode and difficulty selection screen.
Janus Starter Screen

Janus account setup screen

  • Your difficulty choice will heavily alter your game play! With each increase in difficulty comes slower XP and increased drop rates.
  • You'll also be given a massive boost to your account when you start with the daily login reward tab, it offers you concurrent goodies from day 1 to day 31. (Note: If the daily reward screen use the command - "::dailyreward")
Daily reward

Daily Reward Tab in Janus

  • The interface at the top of Janus is also very important - it links you to Janus Discord, forums, hiscores, prices and voting. Voting is also a critical way of starting the server - you can vote using the Janus interface which has a vote button that takes you to a website where you can enter your account name and do votes. Remember to claim vote using "::voted" which will give you your vote books. You can either use them for 30% exp boost for 30 min each or 5 million gp and 1 point each.
Vote and stuff

Remember to vote for great starting rewards

Home shops:[]

At Janus, you can find all essential starting products at home, it is made readily available for all newcomers in a simple mannerism. You can find many of the basic melee, range and mage gear as well as other more significant shops including Max, general goods and teleport tabs at Explorer Jack, Make-over mage, a potion decanter, donator, bossing, loyalty, vote and trivia point shops and POS(Player-owned shops) at home.

  • Combat - These shops below provide you with the basic combat gears from these NPCs below, respectively. You can find low-level melee gear such as rune armour, whips, barrows gloves and other goods from "Melee store". The "Magic store owner" will provide you with the basic elemental staves, low-level magic gear and runes. At the range store you will find the basic range gear like Blue/Black dragonhide, ammunition and low-level range weapons such as a rune crossbow at "Bow and arrow salesman". Furthermore you will find potions(E.g Saradomin brew, Prayer potion, Overloads) and consumables(E.g Karambwans, Sharks) for combat at "Healer". Finally at the "Pure" store you will find goodies for low-level player-killing.
Combat gears

Starter gear NPCs

  • Points - You will find the point reward system NPCs at the bottom of Home spawn(With default North Arrow on compass). It includes the "Donator shop" which provide you a haven for spending your donator points with the best of the best gear available in Janus. it also includes "King Lathas" who you can right click for vote store to spend your earned vote points from supporting the server and you can also right click to find loyalty store where you can get titles in game. In addition the "Boss point shop" will provide you with gear and goodies for every NPC you've killed that counts as a boss - to reward you for killing them as bonus or just to relieve you from dry streaks. Last but not least the "Trivia point shop" gives you a way to spend your trivia points which you earned from trivia - it provides you with rare cosmetic goodies.
Point stores

Point stores at home

  • Misc - The other stores at home include the general store at the corner near the thieving stalls called "Shopkeeper" who buys anything you get in Janus with a default price tag, the general goods such as spade and teleport tabs at "Explorer Jack", the max cape and prestige store at "Max" alongside the "Wise Old Man" who sells max capes for specific skills, "Make-over Mage" who changes your character's look and "Morton local" who sells you jewellery.
Misc shops

Misc shops around Janus

  • POS(Player Owned Shops) - This is where you can buy and sell stuff you get around Janus that is tradeable. Right clicking it will provide you with all the options you need to start trading passively in Janus

POS in Janus

  • Gambler - Another unique NPC at home which functions as a RNG based coin double (55-45 odds against you), here you can place up to 1B in bet and hope it doubles.

Gambler in Janus

Starting teleports:[]

After choosing your gamemodes you might be wondering where to from here? For that Janus provides many easy to access locations for all your skills and combat listed below(Note: You can also use commands to teleport around Janus, e.g using "::home" in chat will teleport you home):

  • You can access combat training teleports by either pressing the "T" teleport spell in teleport tab or by clicking on the map icon near the minimap at the top.(Note: using the "::train" command in chat will directly teleport you into the rock crab training zone which are the easiest training NPCs)
Teleports pic 1

Picture of teleports highlighted for combat

  • You can also access the skilling teleports directly via the skills tab on Janus - just click the skill you want to train and it will teleport you to the skill specific location.
Teleports pic 2

Example: Click on agility to get agility teleports

  • Teleports for things such as all other activities such as minigames, player-killing in wilderness, dungeons and bosses can also be found in teleport tab or on the teleport screen via clicking the map icon.
Total teleports

Misc teleports

Starter Gear:[]

With introductions to the shops you can now move on to the starter gear that you'll need on your long journey to max. This following section will show you optimum starter gear you can get from the shops depending on your level.

  • Melee - At the start you'll be given a iron and rune armour set alongside iron and rune scimitar. You'll only be able use the iron scimitar when you start and so head off to train using training teleport and get up to 70 attack and 60 defence to be able to equip best starter melee gear available at home all of the given gear is available from "melee store" NPC apart from fury which is from "Morton Local" and obsidian cape which you get at start.
Best starter melee

Currently, the cheapest starter gear available in Janus.

  • Range - For range gear at the start, you'll receive a shortbow with 500 bronze arrows so use them in training till you can use the magic shortbow and rune arrows at level 50 range. After 50 range you'll further train your stats till you have 70 range where you can get the best starting range gear from the "Range Shop". The ranging amulet is available at "Morton Local". You can get unholy book for offhand range at "Pure".
Best starter range

Best cheaply available starter range gear

  • Mage - For mage you'll receive a staff of air, 1000 of all other elemental runes and mind runes. For mage it is recommended when the next tier of elemental missiles are available buy the next tier runes - e.g when you can use wind blast at level 17 switch to chaos runes available from "Magic Store owner". You can get unholy book for offhand range at "Pure".
Best starter mage

Best starter mage gear available at home shops for cheap